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Biobeam Scientific Instrument LLP

Biobeam Scientific Instrument LLP is one of the fastest growing Life Science & Analytical Instrumentation company in the Industry bridging the gap between science & scientist.

We offer practical & affordable solutions through quality products for Pharma , Food labs , besides we are also in Agricultural Biotech , Molecular & Cell Biology , Biochemistry & Environment Labs in India.

Our Flagship products include Table Top/Floor model Ultracentrifuge, High Speed Centrifuge,Mass Spectrometer,LC-MS,Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer , Ion Trap , RT-PCR , Capillary Sequencer , Next Generation Sequencer , NIR Analyzer , Feed & Forage Analyzer , Grain Floor milling & Oil processors , Meat Analyzer , Discrete Analyzer , Continuous Flow Analyzer, and General Lab Products viz Peltier- cooled Incubators, Drying Ovens ( with/ without Nitrogen blow) , Lab Sterilizers, Climatic Chambers & Climatic Chambers with phytotron System .

Biobeams Head quartered in Coimbatore the Manchester of South India & Epicenter for the 5 major Biotech hubs Chennai , Bengaluru , Trivandrum , Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam . We have complete South India presence now and making progress for the all India network in future .